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Ex Umbra

17th of Quartus, 1668

It is the 17th of Quartus in the year 1668 Anno Veritas, one of the first really warm spring days of the year. The quartet has just met in a small tavern in Charouse, the grand capital of Montaigne. They came to the famous city a few days ago, by boat up the Sineuse River to the south of Charouse.

It is the early moments of None, and the group has just enjoyed a late lunch, while discussing their plans for the coming weeks. Jean-Nicolas came back from a meeting with Duc Edgard Édouard Côme Desrosiers du Gévaudan just in time for the meal. The Duke has asked him to investigate some troubles in his home province of Gévaudan, in a remote, rural, part of Montaigne. He wanted to know why the Marquise and his guards haven’t solved the troubles yet.

The Marquise, Eugène Gratien du Creux Dormir, resides in the small town of Creux Dormir, in the southeastern part of Montaigne, just where the Widow’s Sea turn into the Frothing Bay, along the coast, about 150 miles south of Pourisse.



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