Secret Societies of Thèah

Secret Societies of Thèah

Secret meetings in dark rooms are as important to Thèah's history as the armies who march across her green fields. Her history is spotted with wars, but the most important conflicts are not fought with swords, guns or cannons, but in the shadows with knives and whispers. Those innocent of such activities are both blessed and cursed: blessed because they do not know how their lives are directed by these organizations, and cursed for the very same reasons.

There have always been clandestine organizations operating behind the scenes. These groups have hidden agendas; while you may never know of their existence, it is guaranteed that they know of yours.

The Brotherhood of the Coast

Flying a flag of freedom across open waters, the pirates who call themselves the Brotherhood prey upon the
corrupt and decadent who sail the waters around Théah. They will be free men, even unto their deaths.

Die Kreuzritter

In the 12th Century, a group of Eisen knights travelled East to the Crescent Empire to fight the “heathen hordes.” What they discovered changed the order, transforming it completely. Now, die Kreuzritter travel across Théah doing battle with monsters using knowledge from both Théah and abroad.

The Explorer’s Society

It started as a scholarly club in the Odiseo region of Castille. Over the years, it developed into a group of adventurer-scholars seeking out the secrets of the Syrneth ruins. Now, because of the Inquisition, the Society has gone underground, hiding their exploits and discoveries from the Inquisition.

The Invisible College

When the Inquisition fell upon the Church, research papers were destroyed, scholars imprisoned, and any further investigations cancelled. A small team of priests began smuggling papers back and forth, maintaining their research covertly, out of view from the Inquisition. This is the Invisible College: science at the risk of losing their lives.

Knightly Order of the Rose & Cross

The Rose & Cross is a “gentle’s order” dedicated to the ancient codes of chivalry: protecting the helpless, bringing the unjust to justice and generally making the world a better place. Depending on where you are and who you ask, they are either the greatest heroes in Théah or a gaggle of miscreant noble children butting their noses where they don’t belong.

Los Vagabundos

A small, elite group of heroes who began in Castille but now have a presence all across Théah. Their purpose? To uphold the reigns of kings and queens who serve their people justly and overthrow those who would oppress those they rule.

Močiutės Skara

“Grandmother’s shawl.” A group that began in the Commonwealth during the War of the Cross. Common citizens prepared to respond to disasters, providing aid, comfort and shelter to those in need.

The Rilasciare

The most disorganized, but potentially dangerous, organization in Théah has dedicated its powers to overthrowing what it calls “the Two Tyrannies.” These are monarchy and the Vaticine Church. And they do so with an almost invisible power: the power of ideas.

Sophia’s Daughters

In Vodacce, women are little more than glorified slaves. The covert organization known as Sophia’s Daughters hopes to change all of that, one Merchant Prince at a time. But their focus is not only on Vodacce, spreading out across Théah to protect and advise women in power in every Nation.

Secret Societies of Thèah

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