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Ex Umbra

It is the year 1668 AV (Anno Veritas), Thèah is sort of holding it’s breath. Only two years ago the War of the Cross ended after having ravaged central Thèah for thirty years, pitting brother against brother in a war over something that most of them didn’t fully understand. But many mourn the fact that it seemed like the fanatically Vaticine Imperator of Eisen, Reifenstahl was found hanged, apparently by his own hand, and the death of the Hierophant during a state visit to Montaigne. Montaigne claimed it was the White Plague, which was thought to have been eradicated two years ago. The body summarily burned made it impossible for the Vaticine church to examine their deceased leader themselves.

The Vaticine church without a leader and the feared Inquisition with their leader, Cardinal Esteban Verdugo, stepping in to take charge, Montaigne exploiting the war weakened nation Castille by invading, and New Worlds waiting to be explored beyond the vast oceans surrounding Thèah. Who is to tell what might happen now?

What might be lurking in the shadows, forgotten and ignored for decades? Who have been planning and biding their time, and are ready to step into the power vacuum of conflict ridden countries of Thèah?

Or — is there finally a chance that the Age of Reason and Enlightenment has come?

The world is balancing on a thin edge, waiting for whoever comes in to make the push in either direction.

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