Commandant Solaine Devost

Commandant of the Creux Dormir Guard.


Marquise Eugène Gratien du Creux Dormir
Creux Dormir
The Commandant of the Guard in Creux Dormir and surrounding country side. She is recently appointed Commandant of the Guard, and the choice has raised some eyebrows. Not only is she young for such a high ranking position, she’s a woman as well.
But so far, she’s been handling her new position with diligence and seriousness.
She seems to live at the office by the baracks, though there is a rumour that she does have a small apartment in town as well. Her style is toned down for a Montaigne officer, reflecting on her rural upbringing and her no nonsense attitude to her duties and obligations. She clearly spends more time at the practice grounds, with the soldiers, fine tuning her skills with a sword and a musket, and staying in peak physical condition.


Commandant Solaine Devost

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